Tips for surviving the silly season!

It’s that time of year once again where day after day you find yourself at Christmas parties, lunches, dinners and end of year catch ups. So how do you stick to your fitness goals while still having fun? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. So read on to find out!


1. Drink in moderation

Sound lame? It’s not. Choose which events you will drink at and which you’ll stick to the soda water. Not only will your head thank you for it in the morning but so will your waistline when you hit the beach on your summer break!


2. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water

You’ll always have a glass in your hand, you’ll hydrate as you go, you’ll consume less sugar and you’ll consume less alcohol. It’s not hard and it can make a big difference!


3. Choose your drinks wisely

Alcoholic drinks usually contain many calories so choose wisely. Vodka soda and sparkling wine are usually the best choices for those watching their energy intake with cocktails being the most calorie laden (an espresso martini has approximately 300calories which is equivalent to a meal!). Or even Ask for a wine spritzer – half wine, half soda. You get the wine taste for half the calories and half the alcohol content with a little extra hydration. Make sure they don’t use lemonade – it’s full of sugar!

See below for the calorie content of your alcoholic drinks

Alcohol Liquid calories
Wine (150ml) 130
Champagne (150ml) 90
Beer (350ml) 150
Spirit (vodka, rum, whiskey – 30ml)) 70
Baileys (30ml) 110
Frangelico 70
Cocktail – ranges depending on ingredients

–          Espresso martini

–          Mojito

–          Caprioska


–          285

–          353

–          200


Mixer (250ml) Liquid calories
Tonic water 100
Dry ginger ale 75
Coca cola 105
Diet coca cola nil
Orange Juice 95
Lemonade 105
Lemon Lime & Bitters 108
Red Bull 120
Soda water nil


4. Eat first

We’ve all been there. Headed straight to a party or after work drinks on an empty stomach and end up eating loads of deep fried bar snacks or unhealthy canapes during the event or stopping off for kebabs or pizza on the way home. Avoid this rookie error by having a healthy high protein meal before you go out. Not only will you handle your alcohol better, but you’ll drink less and you won’t over indulge in high calorie foods!


5. Have healthy food prepared for when you get home

If you are hungry at the end of the night, if you know you have something healthy and delicious waiting for you in the fridge or freezer, you’ll be less inclined to succumb to fast food on the way home.


6. Drive!

When it all gets too much, your self-control is waning or your friends aren’t supporting your decision not to drink, driving to an event is a great self-imposed ban on excess alcohol consumption. When you wake up the next day feeling fresh and ready to train, you’ll be glad that you did.

And remember, it’s not just the calories from alcoholic drinks that are going to impact your goals. It’s also the effect of alcohol on your detoxifying organs and the subsequent impact on fat metabolism.


7. Schedule exercise and stick to it!

We all know how much better we feel after working out so don’t let this slip during the silly season. Schedule exercise into your diary like you would a meeting and keep that appointment! Better still, arrange to train with a friend or partner – knowing you will let someone down if you don’t turn up will help you stick to your plan and consider your behaviour the night before!


So there you have it! Challenge Me’s top tips for surviving the silly season. We hope our tips help you to navigate this period in a fun but responsible manner. So happy holidays everyone!


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