The 3 new year’s resolutions everyone breaks…and how to not let it be you!

  1. Get fit – there’s a reason your body breaks down after one gym session or run – you’re not used to it. Instead, commit to 3×30 minutes gym sessions or light jog/fast walk per week, slowly building up your strength and endurance. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  2. Save more money – as with any goal, without a specific target, saving money is a tricky business. Instead, choose an outcome with a defined value – such as a holiday or yoga studio membership and track your progress with a savings calculator on your fridge
  3. That was my last…cigarette/late night/Big Mac…the struggle is real so don’t beat yourself up when you try to go cold turkey and fail. Instead try to slowly wean yourself out of your bad habits – your chances of success will be much higher.

It happens every year, as the Christmas cheer settles over another silly season, you emerge, tired, dusty, a little heavier and a little poorer. You decide to take action and vow to morph into the bright, shiny, new and improved version of yourself. One year its fitness, and you vow to lose 5kg, train 4 times/week, become a yoga guru and be that beautiful healthy specimen all your friends are envious of. The next year you plan to save more money so you can put a deposit on a house and finally break free of the rent race and live in a place of your own. Another year you are definitely giving up cigarettes/alcohol/fast food/ice cream – whatever your vice may be. But somehow life always gets in the way. So how do you not succumb to the statistics and achieve your new year’s resolutions in 2017?

  1. Set realistic goals – set goals that are measurable and achievable. If you have a larger goal, break it down into monthly or weekly goals, allowing you to have continual wins along the way and help instill new good behaviours to help you achieve your overall goal
  2. Track your progress – like any good work plan, if you don’t track your progress regularly (daily/weekly/monthly), progress slows, often to the point of cessation. Visually being able to track your progress is a valuable tool in helping you achieve your overall goal
  3. Get an accountability partner – sharing your resolution either publically or with your friends can help you keep it because it makes you more accountable. Knowing that they will check on your progress can be a big motivator. Consider making a pact with one or many of your friends and find your new, bright and shiny selves together!

So set realistic goals, track your progress, grab and accountability partner and watch as 2017 becomes the year that you do!

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