What you can achieve with Challenge Me

Gym Program - For Her

Get the body you want

Feel happy and confident

Increase your energy

Learn how to break your bad habits

Be healthy and strong for life

Do you find it difficult to keep a regular routine with your gym and nutrition?

Are you not seeing the results you want?

Are you bored of the same old training routine?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Gym for Her Program is for you!

The At GYM Program – FOR HER

The Challenge Me gym program for her has been carefully designed by professionals, giving you peace of mind that you will not only get results, but maintain them. The program can be performed in any gym and will help you achieve the healthy body and mind you are looking for.

For a one off payment of $99.95 you get full access to the 6 week Challenge Me starter program which includes:

  • A 40 page nutrition eBook teaching you to fuel your body for best results
  • An exercise guide teaching you correct technique for optimal results and injury prevention
  • Methods for setting goals for success
  • Methods for overcoming your bad habits and developing good habits to achieve your goals
  • 4 weekly workouts
  • 2 new recipes each week
  • Access to our members forum
  • Motivational tools and exercises to help you stay on track
  • Access to professionals in the areas of fitness, nutrition and wellness

You will receive the eBooks immediately upon joining the program and each week you will receive an email with your weekly ‘challenge’ to complete. Our regular contact with you will help to keep you motivated and accountable, two essential requirements to achieving your goals. Once your 6 week starter program is complete, you will automatically be enrolled in the ongoing monthly program for $39.95/month where you will continue to receive your weekly ‘challenge’ as well as other motivational tools. The monthly program will help you embed the changes you have made for sustainable results however you may opt out at any time.

This complete program provides you will all you need to know about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to achieve and maintain a healthy mind and body.

I’m Ready for Change

What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Challenge Me gym program has changed the way I view exercise.  Since starting the program, I feel stronger, more energised and I have gained tone in my arms, legs and butt! I have replaced most of my long cardio workouts with quick gym sessions but still enjoy a balance of the two (because I love running!) while achieving better results. The Challenge Me nutritional advice has really educated me on some of the misconceptions around nutrition and I have easily incorporated basic changes into my daily routine.  I couldn’t recommend the program more!

Aimee – Melbourne, Australia