Our Philosophy

Challenge Me Fitness was started by two physiotherapists passionate about fitness, health and wellness. The catalyst for this program was threefold:

  1. The frustrating trend of short term ‘shredding’ and ‘bikini body’ programs promising results in short periods of time with no thought placed into results maintenance
  2. The continued presence of poor exercise technique taught by insufficiently qualified people leading to injury and the inability to exercise
  3. The misinformation in the market relating to food and nutrition and the promotion of chemical laden products to achieve results

Rebecca and Rohan believe in a model of sustainable health and wellness and wanted to build a more holistic and user friendly program to challenge the unsustainable short-term shredding programs on the market. We aren’t here to teach you to compromise your lifestyle. We want to teach you how to live the life you want while maintaining a healthy and happy mind and body.

A healthy lifestyle incorporates not only fitness but nutrition and mindset which are equally if not more important. As such, our program teaches you:

  • Sustainability in your exercise routines and encourages four sessions per week
  • Correct technique for exercises to ensure you stay safe and protect your muscles and joints
  • How to eat for the long term while incorporating so-called ‘naughty’ or ‘cheat foods’ into your diet
  • How to socialise and drink responsibly rather than feeling like you have to stay home to avoid temptation
  • Techniques for overriding your bad habits and instilling new healthy good habits
Rebecca Psellos (BPhysio)

Rebecca Psellos (BPhysio)

Rebecca’s passion for health and fitness began at an early age where every day was spent on the netball court, softball field or athletics track. Rebecca played several sports to state and national level which prompted her decision to study Physiotherapy at university. She sought to understand the human body in greater detail to help people overcome illness and injury. As an adult, exercise remained a key feature of Rebecca’s life via team sport, Muay Thai kick boxing, gym workouts and enjoyment of the outdoors. Following her move to Sydney in 2013, Rebecca noticed worrying 'health' trends due to the pressure of Sydney’s beachside lifestyle on its’ residents. From fad diets to over training along with poor training technique being taught in gyms and by online 'fitness experts', both men and women were training hard and compromising their lifestyle yet still not achieving their health and fitness goals. Concerned by the lack of education around nutrition principles along with the wrong styles of training being undertaken to achieve the desired goals, Rebecca wanted to share her knowledge about health, fitness and nutrition more broadly than her friendship group. As a result, Challenge Me Fitness, a holistic program focused on wellness and sustainability was developed, teaching clients how to achieve their goals and be the best version of themselves that they can be.

Rohan Hattotuwa (BPhysio)

Rohan Hattotuwa (BPhysio)

Sport and exercise has been a central focus for Rohan since he was a young boy. Having sporting commitments every day of the week was a common occurrence in his formative years. It was through this love of sport that he was introduced to physiotherapy. At the age of 14 his goal was to become a sports physiotherapist. Rohan has worked for numerous sporting associations including the South Australian Sports Institute. He is currently consulting for the Adelaide Crows Football Club in the Australian Football League. Throughout the last decade Rohan has continued to also treat non-professional athletes in his two physiotherapy clinics in Adelaide and it was his clients that inspired him to develop a holistic fitness, nutrition and lifestyle program. Rohan strongly believes that many injuries and health issues he treats can be prevented if his clients were able to find the time to exercise, increase their strength, reduce their stress and fuel their bodies with healthy food.

Melanie Leitch (AdvD Nutritional Medicine)

Melanie Leitch (AdvD Nutritional Medicine)

Nutritionist | Organic Food, Health & Lifestyle Educator | MANTA Healthy Solutions Nutrition & Lifestyle Mel strongly advocates good nutrition as the foundation of health. After first-hand experience overcoming illness by improving her diet, she was inspired to leave her 15 year corporate career to become a Nutritionist and Healthy Lifestyle Educator. She excelled in her Nutritional Medicine studies at ACNT, graduating as Natural Therapies Student of the Year. Now she enjoys encouraging others on their health journeys. Mel’s holistic approach to health considers all of the medical and lifestyle factors that may have contributed to the person’s current condition, their dietary choices and the quality (source and processing) of their food. She can assist in resolving digestive disorders (like IBS and food intolerance), hormonal imbalances, weight loss, eating disorders, insulin resistance, cardiovascular health and many other conditions. She can also assist with cleanses and general dietary improvement for optimal health. Mel sees clients across Sydney, co-presents a series of seminars called ‘I Am Food – an Honest Talk About Food’ and runs natural health workshops for high school students. Due to her own health journey, she is a very empathetic practitioner who delights in seeing others achieve their health goals. For appointments with Mel, email [email protected]

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