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Gym Program - For Her

Gym Program - For Her

This program is expertly designed by physiotherapists to meet her requirements. The exercise component is undertaken at the gym, teaching you how to use the equipment safely and effectively with correct technique for injury prevention.

Gym Program - For Him

Gym Program - For Him

This program is expertly designed by physiotherapists to meet his demands. The exercise component is undertaken at the gym and guides you on how to maximise your results while staying injury free.

At Home Program

At Home Program

Designed by physiotherapists with injury prevention at the forefront, this program is primarily body weight based allowing you to sweat it out in the comfort of your own home. Designed for him and her, we teach you how to get results and keep them!

Custom Program - Launching Soon

Custom Program - Launching Soon

Let us create a program to meet your unique and individual needs.

About the program

Finally a program developed by professionals for the more discerning client. Challenge Me incorporates proven training techniques, natural nutrition principles and tools and techniques to help you finally overcome your bad habits and achieve the body you want!

Challenge Me consist of three key sections:



The fitness component of Challenge Me includes not only your four weekly workouts, but an Exercise eBook explaining the correct technique to extract maximum effect from the exercises.

Your workouts have been strategically designed to work all areas of your body, gain muscle, burn fat and improve your fitness. Images demonstrating the correct technique for each exercise are included in your workouts along with an exercise catalogue in the members portal of the website.

You will note that substitute exercises are included in all programs for those exercises which place a greater level of stress on your knees, back and shoulders. This is because, as physiotherapists, we know some of you suffer from injuries that must be managed appropriately and you may not be able to comfortably perform all of the ‘traditional’ exercises. We understand this situation well and have designed each workout around the injuries we know are common to our clients.



The nutrition component of Challenge Me includes the Nutrition eBook which:

– Teaches you the Challenge Me principles of eating (tailored to your goals)

– Busts many food myths

– Teaches you how to create meals that will not only help you achieve your goals, but taste great and provide you with the nutrients you need for a healthy and happy body and mind.

As part of your weekly challenge, you will also receive two new recipes to make and it is your challenge to set aside the time to make them. If you make them in bulk, you will have enough for a few meals and hence much of the week.



The lifestyle component of Challenge Me centres on our philosophy of long term sustainable wellness. Crucial to this is goal setting and changing your habits. As you will learn, without setting goals and changing your habits, long term sustainable improvement is impossible. You are going to work hard as part of this program, and we don’t want that hard work to go to waste. The Lifestyle Online Workbook contains all you need to know to set yourself up for success.

How it Works

Step 1:

Choose the program that suits your needs – either in the gym or at home.

Step 2:

Once you have joined, you will receive your Nutrition and Exercise Technique eBooks. These will be an essential reference for you to go back to again and again as you progress through the program and embed healthy changes in your life.

The Nutrition eBook has been developed to teach you how to create your own meals to suit your individual taste and dietary requirements. Sample meal plans are included which can be used as a baseline when you get started until you establish what works best for you.

Step 3:

Each week, you will receive your challenge for the week. Your challenge will consist of four workouts and two recipes to make.

The first session of week 1 is an online workbook looking at your pain points and the reasons why you have struggled to achieve your goals. You will also be provided with a set of tools and techniques to embed positive change into your life enabling you to achieve your goals. It is important not to skip this exercise. Once complete, you should print it and refer to it regularly.

Step 4:

The member portal on the website is available for you to access the exercise catalogue and your weekly program if you have accidentally deleted your email. You will need to use your login and password details for this.

Step 5

Check the blog regularly for further hints and tips relating to all things fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. There will be additional recipes, guest bloggers and further detail on some of the concepts discussed in the Nutrition eBook. We promise you will learn something new with each blog post you read!

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