Our Difference

Why We Are Different

We are specialists in human movement and know the best ways to protect your body while achieving results

As physiotherapists, we are the most qualified medical professional group in the world in human movement. We have a detailed understanding of how the body works during exercise, in different positions, with different loads. We know how to make exercises safe and how to train around injuries. We teach these concepts to our clients every day. Our programs are tailored around any injuries you may have so that they don’t leave you sidelined and unable to achieve the goals you desire. We train personal trainers
Rohan is involved in the education of sports trainers through Sports Medicine Australia and also educates personal trainers in correct technique, injury prevention and when to refer clients to registered health professionals. We have 17+ years each in the health and fitness industry and know what works
Since 1998, Rebecca and Rohan and have been working with clients to treat their acute injuries and get them back into the active lifestyles they wish to pursue. Rebecca has worked both in Australia and the UK, being exposed to different training and health management techniques and principles. Rohan has worked with elite athletes in the fields of Australian Rules Football, soccer, cricket and hockey utilising the latest research in nutrition, strength and conditioning training. With this breadth of experience and education, we know how to get the best results for our clients. We train both elite athletes and everyday people
Rohan’s experience with elite athletes has spanned 12 years. He has completed his masters in Sports Physiotherapy and is a level 2 Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach. Combining Physiotherapy skills with his strength and conditioning training provides Rohan with an unbeatable understanding of the body and how to get the best results for his clients. He has worked with a variety of both elite athletes and ‘everyday’ clients for the past 12 years. Rohan currently works with the Adelaide Crows Football Club in the Australian Football League. A major focus of this role is designing programs to help players maximise their performance and reduce injury. His experiences with elite sport provide his clients access to the latest methods and techniques to help them achieve their goals. We have created a lifestyle program for our clients for achievable, sustainable results
Short term shredding programs are not safe or sustainable. Challenge Me has been designed to not only deliver short term results but teach you how to embed sustained changes in your life so that the results you achieve are maintained. You will look at food differently. You will look at exercise differently. And you won’t give up your social life or the enjoyment of delicious food in the process. Our program helps you to uncover the real reasons why haven’t reached your goals before and assists you to overcome them
The lifestyle section of the Challenge Me program begins with you working through activities to set goals and really get to the root cause of why you haven’t been able to achieve your goals in the past. We have developed this part of the program using principles of psychology and habit formation to maximise your chances of success.